Alessandro Crivellari

Email: alessandro.crivellari(at); Phone: +43 662 8044

PhD Topic: Machine Learning and A.I. for predicting Motion Traces

Alessandro graduated from Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy) with a Bachelor's degree (2015) and a Master's degree (2017) in biomedical engineering. His research experience includes expertise in machine learning and advanced signal processing. His knowledge is mainly focused on data mining approaches and data processing tools, with a particular interest in deep neural networks. He gained the opportunity of spending six months at the University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA, USA) for a research stay, where he worked extensively on deep learning approaches applied to medical data. His Master thesis involved the use of deep neural networks (in particular LSTM) aimed at the detection of atrial fibrillation from physiological signals.

Alessandro's research within the Doctoral College GIScience focuses on the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence for predicting motion traces, under the supervision of Prof. Euro Beinat. The research leverages telecom data, indoor location traces and other sources of motion data.