Biweekly DK seminar alternating with a biweekly Journal club as part of the seminar.Successful participation throughout 5 semesters required, 2 ECTS each.

The seminar includes focused key presentations by faculty members, presentations by doctoral students, scientific discussions, progress reports and feedback rounds. It also includes few, carefully selected external presentations. This seminar is jointly organized by all DK faculty members. With a rotation in responsibility every faculty member is organizing one seminar and one ‘journal club’ each semester.

In between the seminars the doctoral students meet bi-weekly in the ‘journal club’ to discuss relevant and/or recent scientific articles, which have been selected by a panel of students and supervisors. The choice of articles will be such that they are of potential interest to all students from the DKGIScience. Attendance is obligatory for DK students, recom­mended for associated scientists and open for other graduate students from the participating institutions. The overall coordination is semester-wise organized by one faculty member. The level of detail and the expectations are increasing. While in the first semester is dedicated to a critical discussion of the research topic and a tailoring of the research questions, methods used and the empirical research planned, in the following semesters the DK students shall report on original research. The last semester is used to defend the research against colleagues and supervisors and to prepare for the defence of the thesis.