Special Efforts

Start-up week: Initial induction and orientation programme. This induction covers all relevant aspects of students’ lives. In an open space environment students share their expectations, concerns and perspectives. This event is strongly focused on team-building activities as a foundation for future collaboration among students, getting to know each other and faculty, to form a ‘class’ out of a set of students.

GIScience Symposium: An annual 2-day symposium retreat will be organized by doctoral students with 6-8 highly reputable invited speakers/discussants. One day of this symposium will be reserved for the DK students. The doctoral students will be asked to present their research projects and results to their colleagues and the invited scientists thus ensuring a lively interaction and fruitful discussion of the doctoral projects. Except for the first year, the second day will be an international mini-symposium on a selected topic with lectures held by the invited scientists.

Training in transferable (generic) personal and professional skills and competences. Research methodology and techniques; research management; scientific writing and communication skills, publishing; scientific ethics and intellectual property rights networking and team-working; material/human resources and financial management; leadership skills; time management; career management etc.

special lecture/course organized for DK students. These are a set of courses training in important personal skills such as scientific writing and scientific presentation (the latter is an aim of the regular seminars, too) and basic knowledge about sponsored research, ethical conduct, data privacy and, particularly, ‘geo-privacy’. These courses/lectures will be held by DK members and invited specialists, and offered once per year. The PhD students are obliged to attend one course within their PhD study time.

Summer school(s) (elective). The DK GIScience will organize a summer school and will link to Z_GIS/Erasmus/GEOSS summer schools (Z_GIS has organised 18 summer schools since 2001), most of them sponsored through competitive grants by the European Com­mission. These Summer Schools (=’short intensive programmes’) verifiably aim at assuring top quality intensive training and the further internationalization of GI/GIScience study programs.

Lectures/Tutorials by the doctoral students: During the late phase of their doctoral studies, the DK students will get the opportunity to develop their teaching skills as tutors/TAs in lectures and practical courses.