Associated Students

In addition to the 8 PhD positions financed by the FWF, 12 associated positions have been foreseen from 2015 - 2019. Except for their basic salaries, which is the responsibility of each applicant, all rights and obligations are the same as for the FWF-funded DK GIScience students. Associated DK GIScience students need to sign a contract that they respect all DK GIScience rules and obligations.

The selection procedure of the applicants is equivalent to the one for “FWF funded Students” with one exception: The associated students can have started to work on a PhD topic in this field already.

DK GIScience will equally educate the associated students at the high standard of a DK. It will provide a framework to enjoy the advantage of this distinguished programme, and in turn it will further enrich the DK.


  •           Admission and registration as a doctoral student at the University of Salzburg
  •           Enrolment as a student for a maximum of four semesters prior to admission
  •           PhD topic should be related to one of the eight research areas of the DK GIScience
  •      Existing funding (scholarship, working contract or any other funding source) needs to be documented along with the application


  • Recognition as student / graduate of the ‘Doctoral College GIScience’
  • Full integration into the research and educational programme of the DK
  • Access to education and training measures
  • Organizational and financial support for participating in conferences, summer schools etc.


  • Regular attendance of classes and events
  • Formalized supervisory schemes including assessments and reporting

Interested applicants have to fill in the application form and send it along with the required documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..