For the period 2015 - 2019 the Doctoral College has admitted FWF funded Students and Associated Students who have been working in the following fields:

  •  Integrating Object Based Image Analysis and GIS for multi-scale information handling (T. Blaschke)  
  •  Geonalytics: domain- and scale specific regionalization (S. Lang)  
  •  3D structure tectonics of mountain belts: linking deep-crustal processes with sedimentary basin evolution and 3D structures of fault zones (F. Neubauer) 
  •  Extending GIS Capabilities of Database Systems (N. Augsten)  
  •  System Dynamics GIS (J: Strobl)     ·      
  •  Land surface processes and Remote Sensing (A. Bartsch)    
  •  Geospatial Technology and GIScience in Spatial Crime Analysis and Mapping (M. Leitner)     ·  
  •  Collective Sensing and geo-spatial Big Data (E. Beinat)   


Please note that the program expires in February 2021, thus we can't consider further applications.