Visiting faculty

The permanent team of the DK „GIScience” is complemented by a number of visiting professors and fellows.

At average every second semester a Visiting professor enriches the team of the DK GIScience.

The DK offers several temporary positions for research fellows. A fellow may either act as an independent investigator or under the supervision of a principal investigator. The position of research fellow requires a doctoral degree. A research fellow may also provide a specific class or course which is complementary to the existing program at the University of Salzburg. Fellow positions do typically not include a full salary but may come with individual packages concerning travel and living expenses. Fellows will typically have a salaried post either with their college or the university and may use a time period from several weeks up to a year to affiliate with one of the research clusters to increase international experience and to contribute their specific expertise.


Anthony Robinson (Visiting professor)


Jagannath Aryal

Jochen Albrecht

Laxmi Ramasubramanian


Hartwig Hochmair (Visiting professor)

Shaun Levick (Visiting professor)


Hodgson Michael (Visiting professor)


Li Naicong

Hodgson Michael (Visiting professor, summer term 2014)


Bartsch Annett (Visiting professor, winter term 2012)

van Coillie Frieke

Delmelle Eric

Delmelle Elizabeth

Kazakopoulos Pavlos

Mubareka Sarah (Visiting professor, summer term 2012)


Donert Karl