Associated Faculty

The mission of DK GIScience is to provide opportunities, leadership and support for current faculty and future faculty members to help them grow in their scholarly and professional work. The long-term aim is to engage these agents of change thereby transforming the DK GIScience environment into a sustainable, world-class community where not only students, but also Postdocs/mid-career scientists will get the opportunity to progress and succeed as they will be actively supported in their career management.

The measures to ensure the future participation of faculty include

  • A mentorship programme
  • A co-supervision programme
  • Best practice workshops on supervising and examining doctoral research with international experts
  • Supporting measures from the University for further qualifying these scientists
  • Financial support for the mentees for attending workshops/courses particularly focusing at doctoral training and supervision

The main areas of activity will be to:

  • Support continuity and communicate opportunities for professional and staff development.
  • Identify specific support and development which would enhance the career profile of individual scientists and groups
  • Provide professional development as DK members work with individual colleagues and groups to enhance opportunities for short and long -term development.

Currently, twelve highly talented and well qualified researchers at a post-doc / mid-career scientist level are actively integrated in the DK GIScience research.


2011 - 2015     2015 - 2019
Car Adrijana   Barbara Hofer
Götz Joachim   Stefan Kienberger
Heberer Bianca   Hermann Klug
Hilberg Sylke   Manfred Mittlböck
Hofer Barbara   Dirk Tiede
Jekel Thomas   Bernd Resch
Kienberger Stefan   Gudrun Wallentin
Klug Hermann    
Lang Stefan    
Mittlböck Manfred    
Obrist Marianna    
Rehrl Karl    
Resch Bernd    
Scholz Johannes    
Tiede Dirk    
Wallentin Gudrun