Georg Trost

Email: Georg_Manuel.Trost(at); Phone: +43 662 8044 5493

PhD topic: Neotectonic, active faults and landforms

Georg's scientific background is including a Bachelor's degree in geoscience at the university of Erlangen-Nürnberg as well as a Master's degree in Geology with an emphasis on Geoinformatics and environmental geology at the university of Salzburg.

Georg has successfully written his master thesis on a mass balance of a small torrential catchment near the city of Salzburg. He determined the dissolved load of the Schwarzaubach torrent over a period of more than one year and calculated the average catchment wide "denudation rate" due to chemical erosion. Within the thesis he worked on solutions for rainfall-runoff models and their implementation in TOPMODEL and HEC-HMS.

His research interests lie in the area of tectonic geomorphology, geodynamics, structural geology, landscape evolution and numerical modelling.

Georg is a fully funded PhD-Student at the doctoral college and his thesis is about „Neotectonic, active faults and landforms“ supervised by O.Univ.-Prof.Dr. Franz Neubauer. In this project the influence of tectonics on landscape evolution and the associated features as well as their expression is examined and tested in numerical models.