Alina Ristea

Email: mihaela.ristea(at); Phone: +43 662 8044 7557

PhD topic: Integration and Evaluation of Social Media Data into Crime Prediction Models

In 2011, Alina graduated from the University of Bucharest with a Bachelor degree in Geography - Cartography and Cadastral Elements. In 2013 she was awarded with a Master diploma in Geographical Information Systems from the same University.
Throughout her years of study, she followed with vivid interest the geospatial revolution in big data analysis, as well as the processing and the interpretation of remote sensing data and GIS. Her interest in research and the academic performance obtained helped her to gain a “Master Scholarship” (2011 - 2013) – through the European Social Fund Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007 -2013, "Investing in People" - in addition to the study scholarship.
From 2013 to 2015 she worked as a junior research scientist at the Satellite Meteorology Lab with the National Meteorological Administration, Bucharest, Romania. Strong motivation and purposefulness allowed her to acquire new skills which helped to being selected as a project team member in two national (Assessment of Satellite Derived Soil Moisture Products over Romania, Urban Heat Island Monitoring under Present and Future Climate) and two international projects (Satellite & in-situ Information for Advanced Air Quality Forecast Services, and Remote sensing, model and in-situ data fusion for snowpack parameters and related hazards in a climate change perspective).
Currently she is employed as a fully funded PhD student at the Doctoral College GIScience, and her research topic is in the field of Geospatial Technology and GIScience in Spatial Crime Analysis and Mapping, under the supervision of Professor Michael Leitner.