Bezaye Belayneh

Email: bezaye.belayneh(at)  Phone: +43 662 8044 6348

PhD-thesis: Isochrone Queries for SQL

Bezaye Tesfaye obtained her Bachelor degree in computer science from Hawassa University in 2009, and her MSC in Geoinformatics and remote sensing from University of Twente, the Netherlands in 2013. During her masters, her thesis was on design and implementation of data-models to extend spatio-temporal databases. The thesis mainly focused on representation and information retrieval of moving objects in a spatio-temporal databases. After graduation, she joined the research laboratory in University of Lisbon: LabNT, where she worked on design and implementation of a Geo-portal for public transportation system in Portugal. The portal has been used by Portuguese Transportation Offices and bus companies to manage bus lines and information associated to companies that operate the bus lines throughout the country.

Currently, She is a Phd student at the Doctoral College of GIScience, in the University of Salzburg under the supervision of Prof. Nikolaus Augsten. She is also part of the Database research group within the department of Computer science. The main focus of her Phd research is on Reachability Queries in Temporal-graphs, with the aim to bring efficient algorithms to compute reachability queries on a large temporal graph. Her research interest includes extensions of spatio-temporal databases and query optimization of temporal graphs.