Thomas Heistracher

E-Mail: thomas.heistracher[at]
Phone: +43 (0)50 2211 1310

DK-topic: Natural language control of data mining in geospatially referenced information


Thomas Heistracher is tenure professor at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, head of research of information technologies and deputy director of the school of information technology and systems management (ITS). In addition to work in the software industry, he held positions at Graz University of Technology, University of Leoben, and University of Salzburg. He has experience in planning and managing of research projects in various settings such as governmentally, industrially, and EU funded projects. Key research interests are in adaptability of software infrastructures in context of ubiquitous computing, in natural-language-based notations for ICT utilisation, and in interaction computing under consideration of spatiality - a publication track record is available under “research” at Committee activities include membership of counsel to the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, OCG board membership, IEEE-journal editorial board activities, and evaluation and monitoring work in several international educational endeavours.