Euro Beinat

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DK-topic: Geo-spatial models for Collective Sensing


Euro Beinat studied Information Technology at the University of Padua (Italy) and holds a PhD in Economics from the Tibergen Institute of the Free University Amsterdam. His areas of interest include geosciences, pervasive computing, decision analysis, strategy formation and innovation. He has extensive expertise in applied research and consulting in sectors such as natural resources, energy, government and transportation.

As a recognized expert in these fields he advises public and private organizations on emerging technologies - such as location services or pervasive computing - from an operational and a strategic long-term perspective. He is a skilled decision analyst and facilitator, able to position innovative technologies within the business and culture of organizations and their evolution.

Between 2000 and 2005 he was director of the Spatial Information Laboratory of the Free University Amsterdam, a group dedicated to research and innovation at the boundary between geosciences and information technology. During the same period he has served as CEO of Geodan Mobile Solutions, a company specialized in real-time location services. He joined the Geo-Spatial team at the University of Salzburg in 2007 as professor of Location Based Services, focusing on the technology, innovation and social dimension of pervasive computing and location media. In 2009 he has been nominated Vice President of Zebra Technologies Corporation.

Euro Beinat is a member of: International Decision Conferencing Forum, Editorial Board MCDA journal, Aspen Institute Italy, and UNIGIS international advisory board. He has published several papers and books in topics ranging from strategy making, technology and natural resource management.