Franz Neubauer


E-Mail: franz.neubauer[at]
Phone: ++43 (0) 662-8044-5401

DK-topic: 3D Structure of major fault zones and its application in engineering geology and geothermics




Franz Neubauer is a Professor for Geology at the University of Salzburg since 1993, and, at the moment, head of the Department Geography and Geology. Prior positions include assistant and associate professor positions in Graz (Austria) and Tübingen (Germany). His main research field is structural geology, and this includes the application of GIS techniques in 3D visualization and modelling of geological processes. The research speciality includes mountain building processes, particularly the link between geological processes at the depth with such at the Earth´s surface. Many projects on mountain building processes were carried out in Alps and mountain ranges of southeast Europe, China, Iran, Turkey, Cuba and Argentina. In recent years, he got interest in neotectonics and started to work on active and inactive geological fault zones in these regions. His academic record includes ca. 170 peer-reviewed journal publications. He also edited ca. ten special issues of international journals and books on various topics of geology. He serves in several research funding agencies, committees and scientific societies, e.g., as the president of the Austrian Geological Society (2011-2012).