Robert Marschallinger

E-Mail: robert.marschallinger[at]

DK-topic: 3D modelling and simulation of sediment structures in overdeepened alpine basins and implications for hydro(geo)logical modelling


Geologist by education, Robert Marschallinger specialized on Geoinformatics in Geosciences. In academia, he is Senior Scientist at the Austrian Academy of Sciences GIScience Research Institute; in the private sector, he works as a Geoinformatics consultant (follow the above URL for more details). His research emphasis on geometrical and cell based 3D modelling, process simulation and visualization, such as analysis and Integration of Geo-Data; 3D Modelling (CAD based geometric Modelling and cell-based (Voxel) Modelling); Geostatistics (Estimation, Optimation, Simulation)

Modelling and Visualisation of georelevant processes; Parameter optimization;

3D macro and micro structure reconstruction & process modelling in natural materials.