GIScience conference in Columbus, Ohio

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The DK "GIScience"organized an OBIA workshop at the GIScience Conference in Columbus, Ohio

The purpose of the workshop is to define and discuss a methodology for bridging the remote sensing Centred GEOBIA approach and GIScience concepts in order to delineate, manage and manipulate objects. In GIScience, attempts were made to provide the theoretical foundations for objects such as the concept of fields. In remote sensing the concept of Geographic Object Based Image Analysis has strongly gained In popularity. A preliminary literature analysis shows that the terms „OBIA“ and „GEOBIA“ attract more citations in scientific literature than the terms „GIScience“ and „Geographic Information Science“. The workshop will critically discuss the way to strengthen the theoretical and methodological foundations. It will bring together leading experts from both fields, and aim to demonstrate the potential of extending GEOBIA concepts beyond images.