PhD school at Lake Chiemsee

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Scientists in the field of “Geoinformatics and GIScience” gathered for a “PhD school” at Lake Chiemsee in June 2014. 

This jointly organized event between the University of Heidelberg and the University of Salzburg offered opportunities to PhD students, PostDocs and invited guests to discuss hot topics in GIScience. The main idea of this event was the exchange of research ideas and the formulation of research questions and potential research avenues.
Participants from two leading institutions in “GIScience” in Europe where complemented by invited scholars from academia and industry. Prof. Strobl from the University of Salzburg and Naicong Li from the Redlands Institute, California, gave inspiring keynote presentations, highlighting career opportunities for PhD graduates. 
All in all, 50 participants from both departments plus guests contributed to the success of this event, inspired by the charming environment of the abbey, and started networking towards future research collaborations.