Emmanuel Papadakis

Email: emmanouil.papadakis(at)stud.sbg.ac.at; Phone: +43 662 8044 7568

PhD Topic: Placebased GIS and Placebased objects.

Manos Papadakis received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science, from University of Crete. He was also a researcher at the Information Systems Laboratory of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) for two years.

His research interests include knowledge representation and reasoning, data visualization, Semantic Web, modeling languages, reality modeling, ontology engineering, interfaces and Humancomputer interaction. H is Master’s thesis focused on topics relevant to spatiotemporal knowledge representation, such as the objective and subjective perception of space and time, temporal imprecision and incompleteness, the fourdimensional nature of events, as well as the impact of semantic association on spatial and temporal knowledge. Parts of his work have been published in the eChallenges 2014 and TPDL 2015 conferences. In addition, his research on temporal primitives at FORTH is currently under consideration for inclusion to CIDOCCRM, an ISOcertified standard for representing cultural heritage information.

Manos Papadakis is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Geoinformatics at the GIScience Doctoral College at the University of Salzburg, under the supervision of Professor Thomas Blaschke. H is research involves the representation and modeling of the notion of place. Particularly, he focuses on spatial conceptualization based on bona fide objects, the effect of these objects on delineating places and the spatial projection of fiat entities like neighborhoods.