Euro Beinat

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Euro Beinat holds an MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Economics. He has 20 years of experience in management, consulting and R&D. At present he is Professor of Geoinformatics and Data Science at Salzburg University (Austria), responsible for the Collective Sensing research of PhD School of Geoinformatics. His current business affiliation is with Zebra Technologies Corporation (Chicago, US), as Vice President Platform Technologies with responsibility for the product strategy for the Internet of Things. His home base is Amsterdam, Netherlands.

As member of the leadership team of the PhD School on Geospatial Sciences at Salzburg University, he leads research on Data Analytics, Collective Sensing and Sensor Analytics. A recognized expert in these fields, he advises Corporations and Governments on emerging technologies and their strategic impacts on business and policies. Euro Beinat is a regular speaker at scientific, media and business conferences and has published over fifty papers and books in topics ranging from strategy making, emerging technologies and natural resource management.

He coined the term "Collective Sensing" for describing the growing science and practice of measuring and predicting the dynamics of large complex systems, such as cities or economic sectors, based on the interpretation of new data streams, such as telecom traffic, Internet of Things or social media.

Other positions
Advisor to the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism on digital strategies, member of the TDlab of the Renzi Cabinet, Rome (May 2014 – November 2014)
Visiting Faculty, THNK – Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership, Amsterdam (August 2013 - …)
Board Member, Nuvola Verde Foundation, Milano (January 2012 - …)