For the years 2015 - 2019 the Doctoral College has admitted 8 FWF funded students who will be employed as researchers at the University of Salzburg and will work in the following fields:

  •  Integrating Object Based Image Analysis and GIS for multi-scale information handling (T. Blaschke)  
  •  Geonalytics: domain- and scale specific regionalization (S. Lang)  
  •  3D structure tectonics of mountain belts: linking deep-crustal processes with sedimentary basin evolution and 3D structures of fault zones (F. Neubauer) 
  •  Extending GIS Capabilities of Database Systems (N. Augsten)  
  •  System Dynamics GIS (J: Strobl)     ·      
  •  Land surface processes and Remote Sensing (A. Bartsch)    
  •  Geospatial Technology and GIScience in Spatial Crime Analysis and Mapping (M. Leitner)     ·  
  •  Collective Sensing and geo-spatial Big Data (E. Beinat)   


Additionally 12 positions are foreseen for associated students

How to Apply  as an associated student 

Please fill in the online application form and send it along with the following required documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

1.       Comprehensive curriculum vitae (safe file as “LastnameFirstname_CV.pdf)

2.       Copies of degree awards and transcripts documenting the fulfilment of the entry requirements.

3.       Language certificate

4.       Other

5.       Safe all documents mentioned under topic 2) to 4)  as ONE FILE, named “LastnameFirstname_appendix.pdf”


Who is Eligible?   

We invite applicants from all countries. Requirements are the excellent completion of a degree at the Masters level in Geoinformatics, Geomatics, Computer Science or any scientific/technical subject in a relevant field, and excellent English language (both oral and writing) skills. Please find further information about this process under category “Associated Students”.   

For all inquiries, please contact giscience[at]