Chad Langford

Email: chad.langford(at); Phone: +43 662 8044 7558

PhD Topic: Predictive analytics for human mobility and time-space behavior

Chad obtained a master's degree in Spatio-Temporal Analytics and Data Mining at University College London in 2015. His education included training in a diverse range of topics including data mining, spatio-temporal analytics, information retrieval, mobile app development, and GIScience. His thesis focused on the identification of large maritime vessels carrying irregular migrants in the region between Syria and Italy, and was supervised by Dr Tao Cheng (UCL) and Dr Michele Vespe (EU Joint Research Centre). Specifically, the master's thesis identified the soonest migrant vessels may be recognized as a result of clustering vessels by spatio-temporal behavior statistics.
Chad's research within the Doctoral College GIScience deals with the predictive analytics of human mobility. His research will focus on the use of telecom, and user generated (social media) data to produce generalized human mobility forecasters. This research is supervised by Dr Euro Beinat, and will address the performance challenges of human mobility prediction at various spatial and temporal scales.