Nikolaus Augsten

E-Mail: nikolaus.augsten[at]

Nikolaus Augsten is a full professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Salzburg, where he heads the Database Group. He received his PhD degree in Computer Science from Aalborg University, Denmark, in 2008, and holds a MSc degree (Dipl.-Ing.) from Graz University of Technology, Austria.  Prior to joining the University of Salzburg in 2013, he was an assistant professor at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.  He was on leave at TU München, Germany, in 2010/2011 and visited Washington State University, USA, in 2005/2006. 

His main research interests include data-centric applications in database and information systems with a particular focus on similarity queries over complex objects and massive data collections, efficient indexing techniques, load balancing problems, and cost-based optimization for advanced query concepts, e.g., similarity queries and spatio-temporal queries. Augsten's research is triggered by problems that arise in concrete applications, for example, GIS applications, natural sciences, or e-government. The results of his research are new algorithms with performance guarantees, which are implemented and evaluated on the motivating application.

Augsten's scientific work was mostly published in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. More than ten of his publications appeared in the top database conferences (ACM SIGMOD, VLDB, IEEE ICDE) and journals (ACM TODS, VLDBJ, IEEE TKDE), and he is the first author of the article “TASM: Top-k approximate subtree matching”, which received the Best Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, 2010. Augsten is an associate editor of The VLDB Journal and he served on the program committee or as a referee for the most prestigious outlets of database research.